Prio Padel

A strong partner when competition increases in padel.

The first arena for indoor padel opened in Sweden in 2012 – now the industry is entering the next phase. The competition increases dramatically as new padel investments quickly emerge. Those who achieve continued success work both strategically and professionally in everything that is connected to the operation of a profitable business.

We call the concept Prio Padel. Prio Padel does not believe that “alone is strong”. Instead, we are convinced that it is good to have a partner to lean on. A partner that is strong in business development and above all packaging, as well as marketing with a strong sales focus.

A partner who also wants to raise the quality of the coaches that all arenas need and who ensures that the courts are in top condition at all times.

Prio Academy
– A solid training program

Prio Academy is a leading educational body that offers the market’s broadest educational program.

All this spring’s Padel Coach trainings in Kumla, Eskilstuna, Falkenberg, Örebro and Löddeköpinge were fully booked. In addition, we have carried out a large number of tailor-made assignments at various padel arenas around Sweden. Examples are in Lundsbrunn, Eksjö, Vetlanda, Gislaved, Mjölby, Norrköping, Kalmar and Nybro.

Prio Fix
– Largest in service of padel courts

A padel court consists of several different parts – surface, frame construction, glass sections, steel mesh sections, artificial grass, sand, net and lighting. There are many parts and functions that need to be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Therefore, hire Prio Fix experts for regular service. Via Prio Fix, your arena is offered a service that regularly takes care of the service and maintenance required to have a padel court in full operation.


Check the sand level & sand the course


How to keep the court clean

Check the bolts

How to do it

Tighten the net

How to do it