Padel guide for you who are going to build padelcourts

Are you going to build a padel court or padel hall, or are you thinking of doing so? We have collected a lot of good tips that step-by-step in nine points (on eleven pages) describe what is good to think about when building a padelcourt or padelcenter. The padel guide is called “9 winning tips for you who are going to build padelcourt ” – you can download it for free here .

The guide covers the following areas and gives you tips on what to think about:


The size of the court is not everything, although it is obviously important to think about from the start. But it is also important to think about other dimensions, such as ceiling height.

Several courts

So you do a smart planning of a padel hall with several courts – and maybe also other sports gathered under one roof?

Maximize revenue

This is how you get the most money per square meter!


What are the conditions like? It is important that the surface is good – that is the basis for successful padel courts .

Artificial grass

There are different types of artificial turf to choose from. Which material should be chosen depends on a number of different factors, which are mentioned in the guide. Which is best for you?

Maintenance & Building Permit

What type of maintenance is required – and do you need a building permit when creating a padel facility?


How to think and what requirements are placed on the execution?

What does it cost?

What does a padelcourt cost? The guide also addresses the issue of costs and profitability. You will also receive tips on how to increase the booking rate at your facility. As the Nordic region’s largest supplier of padel courts and also a padelcenter in its own operation, we know how to increase the profitability of your center.

Padel guide: 9 winning tips for you who are going to build padelcourt

9 winning tips for you who are going to build a padelcourt

We have produced a guide on eleven pages where you get in-depth knowledge in nine steps towards succeeding in creating a cruel arena for padel .

The best court for you

Sweden’s first permanent padelcourt was built in Båstad in 2008. Today, there are over 4 000 courts around the country, most in southern and western Sweden, but the sport is spreading rapidly with several halls in Stockholm and in Norrland. Padeltotal courts are developed for Nordic conditions, which means that they are • galvanized before painting, built in sections (no posts, frames that hold glass and nets – no skewed hits and more stable court ) • referee balls integrated in court • strong steel profile 100 × 50 mm and 12 mm glass.