When to build a padel court

From Mexico to Båstad

The sport was invented in Mexico in the late 1960s and quickly became big in the Spanish-speaking world. The name padel, which is Spanish for paddle, is given to the sport after the paddle-shaped racket. A padelcourt measures 10 times 20 m and is surrounded by glass walls that you can wall the ball against. Padel balls are very similar to tennis balls but with a little less pressure. The points system also comes from tennis, but you always play doubles. Sweden’s first permanent padel court was built in Båstad in 2008.

Padel court from Padeltotal

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9 winning tips for you who are going to build a padel court

We have produced a guide on eleven pages where you get in-depth knowledge in nine steps towards succeeding in creating a cruel arena for padel.

Padeltotal court

Padeltotal court has been developed for Nordic conditions, which means:

• That court is galvanized before painting.
• Sectional structure. No poles, but frames that hold glass and nets. No missed ballas because of uneven frames and more stable court .
Referee balls integrated in court .
• Strong steel profile 100 × 50 mm and 12 mm glass.