Padeltotal Future Foundation

We at Padeltotal started operating in the padel industry already in 2013. Since then, the development has progressed sharply – and now Padeltotal is the largest court supplier in the Nordic region. In over 220 different locations, there are now over 1,000 courts installed. The success has been enormous, but behind the success is hard work. At all times, there has been full focus on quality and ensuring that customers are satisfied.

We believe that the padel industry is facing a continued very positive future. But then we at Padeltotal and all other players, also in the future, must be skilled and have the ability to deliver what the customer wants.

Our Foundation

Our goal with Padeltotal Future Foundation is to help strengthen the industry’s development. We simply want to give back to an entire market that has given us so much. A fundamental pillar of success is to constantly improve and always want to be at the forefront. Through Padeltotal Future Foundation, we will give ambitious individuals a financial stimulus to increase their skills – and thereby influence the padel industry for the better.

Scholarships to apply for

You are given an opportunity to apply for scholarships. A scholarship is a gift given to an individual, group or company to support their deeds. In our particular case, the scholarships are directly linked to training by padel trainers conducted by Prio Academy. Now you get the chance to get a financial contribution that allows you to realize your dream of becoming a padel coach or improve the knowledge you already have.
During the year, Padeltotal various scholarships:
  • Minimum four (4) pieces of SEK 5,000 each.
  • Minimum eight (8) pieces of SEK 2,500 each.

Your scholarship is used as part of the participation fee for the Padel Coach Base or Padel Coach Play training from Prio Academy’s program (read more about Prio Academy ).

Examples of previous winners of the Padeltotal Future Foundation scholarship are:

  • Sofia Sundberg SEK 5,000
  • Lotta Thomasson 5,000 kr
  • Ted Josefsson 2,500 kr
  • Kristin Andersson SEK 2,500
  • Kim Sjöholm SEK 2,500
  • Alexander Jerez 2,500 kr
  • Cecilia Skog 2,500 kr
  • Magnus Bosson 2,500 kr

Who can take part in the scholarships?

Applicants must consider themselves an active padel player and have played for a minimum of 2-3 years. You are probably at the beginning of your coaching journey but have some experience of taking or giving lessons. Of course, your ambition is to act as a padel coach in the future, in a more regular way. Candidates who want to focus on padel development for children and young people have some priority. Minimum age is 18 years.

Our ambition is that there will be a good geographical spread in those who receive the scholarships.

Application , hot to apply.

Apply by clicking the button below and fill out the form. The competition for scholarships is fierce, so try to answer each question carefully. Apply immediately because we will notify candidates on an ongoing basis whether they have received a scholarship or not. Applications (only one per candidate) for this round can be submitted until February 18, 2022. The chairman of the jury is Erik Andersson, CEO of Padeltotal .