Mini court

court with fantastic design, perfect for children between 3-8 years who want to start playing padel . Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Fully galvanized structure 225x150x5mm without metal profile posts between glass 1 and glass2 on the long side of court , over-painted, corners adapted and laser cut. Monofilament artificial grass or plastic variant, 10mm glass walls, all screws in stainless steel. Approved competition network, 4, 400w HM or Leds.

Padel, padelcourt Magnum

Padeltotal court

Padeltotal court has been developed for Nordic conditions, which means:

• That court is galvanized before painting.
• Sectional structure. No poles, but frames that hold glass and nets. No missed ballas because of uneven frames and more stable court .
Referee balls integrated in court .
• Strong steel profile 100 × 50 mm and 12 mm glass.