Instant padel

World-unique mobile padel court that does not require any major ground work and is easy to install.

Instant padel has developed a world-unique mobile padel court that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Mounted using a simple click system and strengthening support legs. The courts unique design means that you do not have to anchor the court. If you want a permanent installation, you can anchor the support legs in the ground.

The court is available as both a double court and a single court – but thanks to the courts unique design, the court size can also be adjusted depending on the venue / location and purpose etc.

Facts: Instant padel

  • Takes 6-8 hours to assemble
  • Easy assembly and requires no tools
  • Works both outdoors and indoors
  • Multiple sizes - can be customized
  • UNE-certified (Spanish Association for Standardization)
  • CE certified

Smart solutions

In order to enable flexibility, we have changed 3 parts from other track types, which also leads to our court type only weighing 3.7 tonnes versus 8-10 tonnes.

Instant padel has been played and tested on over 150 different groups where none of these experience that the changes that have been made below affect the gaming experience in any form.

  1. The floor is not artificial grass, but we have chosen the world-leading sports floor from VersaCourt , a plastic floor that is easy to install and does not require any major maintenance. The VersaCourt floor has a 15-year guarantee!
  2. Instead of 10 mm glass panels that weigh about 250 kg / panel, we have chosen panels with 10 mm polycarbonate, which means that our panels only weigh 90-115 kg, which means that our track type does not require any major earthworks. Polycarbonate is also an unbreakable material, which many people think is good, especially when installing outdoor courts .
  3. The height of the back wall is 3.5 meters high compared to 4 meters on other types of track. This adjustment was made to maintain the functionality during up and down assembly but does not affect the game in any way.

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Instant padel -bana
Instant padel -bana
Instant padel -bana

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Experience Instant padel


“Thanks to the flexibility of Instant padel courts , we can make this investment. We are very pleased and recommend them as a supplier.”

The floor makes the game more fun

“The ball bounce and the game feeling were above expectations. The floor gave the ball good speed, which made the game more fun. ”

The same gaming experience

“The gaming experience was like a traditional course with artificial turf and glass walls.”

Two minutes…

“The court was very good and the surface gives the ball better spin. After two minutes, you have forgotten that you are playing on a different surface, and everything is as usual ”