Västerås opens its first padel center

Västerås Padel Center, with 4 indoor courts Open for play from 14 August. https://www.vasteraspadelcenter.se/

Norrhammar got the first Padel court

Tabergsdalen TK inaugurated the first Outdoor padelcourt . Antonette Andersson, one of Sweden's best padel players was present and played. Inauguration of the padel tennis court in Norrahammar Photo: Mattias Landström   …

Trollhättan enjoys Padel

4 Classic indoor courts Padel Trollhättan  

Umeå Padelcenter

Norrland, here we are again !!! 5 Indoor Padel Courts Umeå Padelcenter

Padel spreads north….! Gävle

4 Classic Courts + 1 Vision Court gives everyone in Gävle opportunities to play padel .

Padel establishes itself in Stockholm

Padelverket is investing heavily in Padel in Älvsjö. 5 Classic courts + 1 Vision court indoors Biggest Padel Center in Stockholm Padelverket
Inauguration of padelcourt in Halmstad

2016 – A fantastic year for padel and PadelTotal

2016 was a good year. Several facilities were opened with Padeltotal courts Luleå (2 classic indoors) Norrköpings TK (2 Classic outdoor courts ) Pixbo tennis (2 Classic outdoor courts ) Ekerö Padel (2 Vision outdoors) Ystad (1…

3 new courts to Helsingborg, PadelCrew

Padel Total strengthens its position in Helsingborg by delivering 3 more new padel courts to PadelCrew. PadelCrew currently has the largest padel facility in Sweden.

Västerås got its first Padel court

An Indoor Classic court has come to Västerås BellevueStadion has made many " padel lovers" very happy. https://www.facebook.com/bellevuestadion/  
Inauguration of padelcourt in Halmstad

Halmstad has Padel

Söndrums Tk got its new Portable Indoor classic courts . http://www.sondrumshallen.se/